Nam-Pai-Chuan has been taught in United Kingdom since 1979. We are a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) in the United Kingdom. Through the BCCMA we provide comprehensive insurance for all our students and instructors.

Recognition and Insurance

This is very subjective since “competence” is a relative term. However, a student who trains diligently twice a week for six months will begin to feel physical and spiritual benefit. One who has done so for a year should be better equipped to defend himself or herself in most circumstances. […]

How long before I become Competent?

All are welcome to our class regardless of gender, race or creed. A good percentage of our students are female. During our classes, we will do our utmost to ensure your safety. Our instructor is a very dedicated individual with a fine sense of control over the class. A consistent […]

What are our Students and Classes like?

Grading examinations are held every 3 months or so. At certain times of each term, we will pay special attention towards preparing students for the grading examinations. Those who progress to Black Belt rank may then be eligible for Assistant Instructors’ and Instructors’ qualification courses. Upon qualification, you will be […]

Development and Progression within the System