What Is Nam Pai Chuan?

The following information outlines our system:



General Information:

The name of our system is Shaolin Nam-Pai-Chuan Gaocan Mun, one of the styles in the rich and vast canopy of Chinese Martial Arts. Nam-Pai-Chuan is a very broad style, incorporating all elements of true martial arts.

Thus our system embodies many techniques in any combination with each other:

  • Kicking
  • Punching
  • Locking (chin-na)
  • Take-downs
  • Throws
  • Nerve points
  • and many more

This approach may not appeal to some, but we believe that you cannot hope to know which aspect of Martial Arts you wish to specialise in, until you have a firm grounding in the general broad-based theory and practice of it. Being a broad System, we are able to encompass many elements, which could be seen as “styles” in their own right.

We have a very rich weapons heritage, with eighteen traditional weapons taught in the System. In addition to this we have styles based upon the various animal forms prevalent in Chinese Martial Arts, such as Leopard, Crane and Snake forms, to name but a few. Having said that, we are more than just a physical manifestation of Martial Arts, breathing exercises (chi-gung) play an important role in our system, helping with internal conditioning through control of the body’s chi.

Teaching Philosophy:

First and foremost, Nam Pai Chuan Kung Fu is a Martial Art not a sport. Hence, we accord it the respect due to a Martial Art. Students are expected to obey certain rules of courtesy and good behaviour. We teach Chinese Martial Arts in a traditional and sincere manner, but with constant regard to practical requirements. Whilst we do not propose to ignore tradition and aesthetics just to be practical, neither do we wish to be slaves to tradition and disregard practical purposes and situation.

How long before I become Competent?:

This is very subjective since “competence” is a relative term. However, a student who trains diligently twice a week for six months will begin to feel physical and spiritual benefit. One who has done so for a year should be better equipped to defend himself or herself in most circumstances. Still learning just the “moves” is not the main object, because apart from that, Martial Arts help you to develop your character and ability to focus, improving confidence and humility.

What are our Students and Classes like?:

All are welcome to our class regardless of gender, race or creed. A good percentage of our students are female.During our classes, we will do our utmost to ensure your safety. Our instructor is a very dedicated individual with a fine sense of control over the class. A consistent factor in many classes will be limbering, stretching, conditioning and breathing exercises. We teach the basic techniques of our System including traditional Chinese Classical Forms or sequences. This may at first glance appear to require a certain amount of aggression and energy, especially for beginners, but we believe one needs to understand the nature of energy and the best way to do so is to feel it yourself. It also allows you to understand your physical “Centre”, and as in traditional Chinese Martial Arts, our students frequently train in pairs, allowing you to actually practice a technique, without being confused by abstract mental concepts.

Development and Progression within the System:

Grading examinations are held every 3 months or so. At certain times of each term, we will pay special attention towards preparing students for the grading examinations. Those who progress to Black Belt rank may then be eligible for Assistant Instructors’ and Instructors’ qualification courses. Upon qualification, you will be entitled to teach Nam-Pai-Chuan under the centre licensing agreements that exist for the control of proper standards and the promotion of the Art.

Recognition and Insurance:

Aberaeron Kung Fu Club West WalesNam-Pai-Chuan has been taught in United Kingdom since 1979. We are a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) in the United Kingdom. Through the BCCMA we provide comprehensive insurance for all our students and instructors.